Guide Sponsor - Michael James, UK MD, Adconion

Michael James, UK MD, Adconion Despite an overall decline in marketing budgets, UK online ad spend is expected to continue to rise through 2009. Online already accounts for around 20% of all UK ad budgets and the need for increased accountability and greater value for money is leading marketers to further shift/extend their budgets to online. By most estimates, we can expect to see online grow by around 7% year on year in 2009.

With the balance of power in advertising shifting online, the products available to digital marketers have in turn become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for more effective and efficient campaigns. Adconion Media Group offers clients performance-driven campaigns with a measurable direct response element, often with a collateral branding effect. This is coupled with massive global reach across multiple platforms (web, video, mobile, email) through a single network. As the largest independent global network, Adconion reaches nearly 300m unique users worldwide — a third of the total global internet population — and is number two in the global ComScore ratings.

Adconion is also an international leader in evolving the traditional network model into an 'audience network'. This means being more than just a go-between for brands and publishers, and acting as more of an audience aggregator — bringing together brands and content with the relevant audiences. To this end, Adconion (working with its wholly owned subsidiary Red Lever) is able to create, distribute and monetise branded online video content and entertainment.

Video networks like Adconion's offer the ability to get your video content (whether advertising or branded entertainment) to a much wider audience, as they're not constrained by specific distribution channels. Adconion's reach is equivalent to that of many leading traditional TV shows. Our network reached 26m unique users a day in January this year. This was only slightly below the 27m viewers who watched American Idol — the second most widely watched TV show in the US after the Super Bowl. At the same time, video networks offer the ability to track campaign performance and engagement across all three screens, so you get a campaign that not only gives you fantastic ROI but is also super accountable and measurable.