section sponsor - Stefano Diemmi, MD, B!Digital UK

Stefano Diemmi, MD, B!Digital UK The mobile and digital markets are dominated by platforms, devices and methods to interact with customers. The worldwide success of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app platforms gives brands and agencies a more immersive and integrated user experience to add to their repertoire of ways to interact with the end consumer. In turn this ‘creative' interaction has sparked the interest of marketing managers, who now embrace mobile as away to fully exploit their campaigns.

Mobile is, however, a different medium and needs a specific expertise to fully exploit its potential. The attention on mobile marketing and the requirement of a specific skill set has allowed B!Digital - the leading independent full service mobile marketing and ad agency in Europe - to emerge as the perfect partner, leveraging Buongiorno Group's unrivalled ten years' experience as worldwide leader in mobile digital entertainment, each year dealingwith over 2mglobalmobile users.

The always-on nature of mobile means consumers can be reached at home and on the go, and underpins the popularity of newly introduced loyalty services via mobile. People are getting used to interacting with brands predominantly via their handsets. Brands are realising that everything that can be done on the internet can now be done on the mobile and are adapting their existing web presence towards more interactive and social channels, challenging agencies to devise and implement creative new ways of speaking with the customer.

Within this scenario, B!Digital supports its current and future customers with a unique approach to mobilise brands, using a roadmap of education and evolution using five simple steps:

  1. Mobilise current channels: analyse how the brand currently engages with its customers and enhance the options viamobile;
  2. Acquire permission based opt-in databases: continuous communication with high response rates;
  3. Open interactive channels via web and mobile, listening to the needs of the user;
  4. Use display advertising as part of any marketing campaign;
  5. Launch mobile loyalty, reward and couponing programs for a long term relationship with the consumer.

The full potential of mobile should be exploited further by large consumer brands, many of which don't yet have an m-commerce site. Technology advances including handset capabilities, location services and rich-media applications create a targeted, real-time and relevant touch point to interact with consumers, fully integrated with the rest of your digital and offline media. The addition of couponing and loyalty options will drive consumers to ecommerce sites, creating a unique and substantial campaign for brands. B!Digital is ready to implement these exciting new strategies for its current and future customers.

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