About NMA

Try to map put the digital marketing ecosystem and the picture soon becomes complicated. Typically, a company will have its web presence designed and built by the kind of agency listed in new media age’s Top 100 Interactive Agencies guide. But that’s just the start.

To drive traffic to the site, you may turn to online ad networks to help you reach your audience. To make sure consumers can find you when they go online, you’ll enlist specialist paid and natural search marketing expertise. You may need one or more affiliate networks to help you manage and incentivise the affiliates helping increase your presence on the web. But it’s no good putting time and money into these activities if consumers fall by the wayside once they arrive at your site. So you may employ analytics specialists to refine the user journey. You’ll need email service providers to help you stay in touch with customers. All this before you even consider a mobile strategy.

So over the past decade a small solar system of specialists has grown up as digital marketing has evolved. Many agencies claim to be able to cover all these specialisms under one roof. But despite their best efforts, most of the time clients prefer to enlist specialists in their chosen field. This is where the Marketing Services Guide comes in.